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Uberkate is the spirit of relationships, connecting families, friends and loved ones through personalised handmade jewellery.

The company was founded in 2003 by designer Kate Sutton, who wanted to create unique, personalised jewellery.

Uberkate was launched with Sutton's signature piece the Ubercircle, which symbolises the endless flow of love between those people whose names are embossed in the precious metals.

Today Uberkate has expanded into the American and United Kingdom markets with its range of personalised jewellery for women, men, children and babies attracting a cult following around the world.

All Uberkate pieces are made using only the finest precious metals in the Uberkate design studio in Sydney, Australia.


A love of jewellery design, inspired Kate Sutton to turn her dream into a reality by establishing Uberkate, a jewellery design studio, based in Sydney, Australia.

Originally a television producer, Sutton realised her talents lay with jewellery design when she created her signature piece "The Ubercircle" to keep her family close to her heart while she was traveling. The striking Ubercircles did not go unnoticed and Kate soon found she was busy creating jewellery for friends who admired her work.

In 2003 she launched her company, Uberkate, when demand for her signature piece, the Ubercircle, swelled into a niche market. Since then, Uberkate has developed organically from Sutton's sustained passion for jewellery design, a constant in her life since she began fashioning bracelets and necklaces as a child.

Sutton's work has since attracted a cult following and her designs are regularly worn by Australian media personalities including Monique Wright, Georgie Gardner, Sarah Murdoch, Jessica Rich, Joanna Townsend, Rebecca Harris, Leila McKinnon, Natalie Barr and Melissa Doyle.

Kate's philosophy is founded on connecting people and her personalised made-to order designs are born out of her own desire to wear jewellery 'that means something'.

Kate is 41 and lives in Sydney with her husband Adam, 12 year-old daughter Lulu and 8 year old son Cameron.

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